A 6-City Black History & Resistance Road Trip

Memphis, TN

Lorraine Motel
Jacqueline Smith’s Campaign

“Until the lion has a historian, the hunter will always be the hero.”

Memphis Rock ’n’ Soul Museum — WDIA Exhibit (America’s first black radio station)
I Am a Man Plaza (tribute to 1968 sanitation workers who went on strike)

Birmingham, AL

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute
Statute at Kelly Ingram Park

“the strength of a person’s voice is not derived from the loudness of their voice but from the depth of their reality.”

the honorable Betty
Four Spirits by Elizabeth MacQueen (tribute to the 4 daughters killed in the 1963 16th St Baptist Church bombing)
Kelly Ingram Park
View from Vulcan Park

Montgomery, AL

EJI National Memorial for Peace and Justice Statute
Quote from National Memorial for Peace and Justice
Site of Rosa Parks’ Arrest
Original copy of the resolution initiating the 1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott (Rosa Parks museum)
Montgomery Mural

Atlanta, GA

Community Cafe
Ebenezer Baptist Church Worship Service
MLK Birthplace Home
MLK and Coretta Scott King’s Tomb
Little 5 Points MLK Mural

Nashville, TN

Bella Meade — Main Mansion
Robert Green
TN Woman Suffrage Monument
TN — “The Perfect 36”
I Hide My Face Before the Lord (1935) by Meyer Wolfe
\View from John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge

Louisville, KY

Grave of Muhammad Ali
Ali’s Childhood Home
Ali Center
Some of Ali’s gear
One of Ali’s drawings
Blank Slate Monument
Blank Slate Monument Closeup
Nashville, TN Mural

Full Itinerary



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