Rise Above Hate — Post-Election Rally [Posted: 11/11/16]

Afraz Khan
1 min readJun 26, 2017

Over the past couple days, many of us have experienced a variety of emotions. Disbelief, shock, anxiety, and especially fear. A fear that has never felt so crippling.

The very groups that have been marginalized and victimized over the course of this presidential election are now beginning to experience a new wave of hate. A hate that has become emboldened and invigorated by a man’s election into office.

On the morning after the election, our Muslim community experienced a bigoted incident of vandalism in which a student wrote ‘Trump!’ across the door of our prayer room at the Tandon School of Engineering.

In an effort to mobilize our university to take a collective stance against such hatred on our campus, our Muslim Students Association hosted a rally in which we had over 1,000 students, staff members and administrators attended to show their support. The goal was not only to denounce the filthy aftereffects of this election cycle, but to also foster the idea that we need to feel that much more motivated to take the concrete steps necessary to bring forth our community towards a greater good.
(Article: http://www.nyunews.com/…/msa-fights-bigotry-with-notonourc…/)

As part of this rally, I had the opportunity to express the things that I have recently, seen, heard and felt over the course of these past couple days.